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Stop smoking forever

Stop smoking forever


Smoking is one of the worst habits among young people, teenagers, and adults around the world.

 Since smoking is very harmful and useless and prevents you from performing many activities and sports, smoking is devastating to the mind, health, and body and makes you lazy and heavy in your movement and causes sugar as well

 And whoever tries cigarettes once, two and three will add them, and that their symptoms do not appear directly on the body, but rather after periods, and symptoms will be devastating at this time.

 So we must avoid this bad habit

Very important information about smoking that you should know. 

Types of smoking There are many types of smoking, such as cigarettes, hookahs, hashish, opium, drugs, and other types.

As smoking cigarettes is the beginning of experimenting with hashish and hashish, beginning with experimenting with opium and drugs.

Because a person naturally loves to change and is new in anything, and bad owners have a reason in that too, where they urge you to try this.

 And this is until you are addicted to them and your miserable life ends, so we must choose friends well in order to avoid this danger.

 As I, the cigarette makers, do not smoke or taste cigarettes because they are more aware of the serious damage they cause to us.

Where cigarette smoke contains many compounds and chemicals, approximately 7,400 or more, including many carcinogens, about 60 substances, all of which are known as carcinogens.

 Nicotine and tar are essential compounds in a cigarette, and the percentage of each varies according to the type of cigarette.

Smoking is an addiction as it is difficult for the smoker to quit smoking easily.

Because it is accustomed to that, and when the percentage of nicotine from the body is low, the smoker is exposed to depression, headaches, anxiety, and many sleep problems.

As he who smokes cigarettes and sits with his family, cigarette smoke returns harm to his family if the windows are closed or sitting by anyone who smokes in a closed place may expose his life to danger.

In spite of not smoking and this is considered passive smoking as inhaling cigarette smoke from the surrounding environment without removing it.

The harm of smoking.

  •  Smoking has participated in the death of a very large percentage of people who smoke in all regions.
  •  Smoking is harmful to the central nervous system, as the speed of nicotine reaching the brain is very large and makes you active for a period of time.
  •  Stop drinking cigarettes As we mentioned when trying to leave cigarettes, you will feel pain in your head, headache, anxiety, and depression, and you may not be able to sleep.
  • Smoking leads to cancer, which is lung cancer due to the accumulation of harmful carcinogens on the lung, which causes the lung to stop working, leading to weak breathing or the inability to breathe and ultimately death.
  • There are also other types of cancer that occur due to smoking and prevent oral and pharynx cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, and testicle.
  •  Kidney cancer, where the chances of infection with these viruses increase when you continue to smoke for a long time and develop in them without stopping smoking and ultimately death and slow death, so we must preserve ourselves from cigarettes.
  •  Smoking also affects the heart and blood vessels, and the chances of a smoker experiencing a heart attack are high, which is 3 times that of a non-smoker.
  •  Smoking also affects the pregnancy, as it affects the next girls to get married or married, where at birth, nicotine affects the fetus, which leads to birth defects and the appearance of many defects on it, the high rate of miscarriage, and the low weight of children at birth.
  • Smoking leads to premature aging.
 where it leads to blood clotting and thus atherosclerosis, meaning the blood does not reach the rest of the body.

And remains silent in its place as wrinkles appear on the skin at an early time and the age of the person’s face may appear old despite a young age and affect the teeth where they turn yellow and are black It also affects the gums.

  •  And change in the color of skin, teeth, and nails.
  • Smoking also causes effects on the eyes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and leads to osteoporosis, especially for women, dementia in the elderly, hair loss, weight loss, and causes bad breath in the mouth and many other diseases.
  • And after knowing all these diseases and serious problems, that is why smokers should get rid and quit cigarettes in order to enjoy their body and fitness and to live in health and happiness without worrying. 
And I hope all smokers to leave this bad habit that is useless.

Here are the best ways to stop the bad habit, which is smoking.


One of the most important of these tips :

  • The first and most important thing to quit is the will, determination, and persistence to stop smoking
  • Do not mix with smokers if you desire to
  • You should exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Dushing in cold water early in the morning
  • Go to my doctor to stop smoking which will prescribe special medicines like patch and gum for you.
  • Remove cigarettes from home, workplace, car and clothing, and everything related to it.
  • Electronic cigarettes may help you to quit smoking
  • Attempting to supplant sodas, liquor, tea, and espresso with water and squeeze, particularly because there are a few studies that have verified that expending sodas strengthens your tobacco craving and even improves the cigarette flavor.
  • A solid eating routine, dependent on ground-grown foods that give your body vitality to fight the withdrawal of nicotine.
  • Quit smoking people and stay away from them. 
  • Eating a large portion of any tomato squeeze once a morning for 15 days back to back will help stop smoking since it contains nicotine that goes into the blood and soaks the body and substitutes for unhealthy nicotine cigarettes.
  • Marking the calendar for consistently doing a great leisure activity.

Fast moves to eliminate poisons in the lungs

Smoking adversely affects people as per the Brightside site, and influences the lungs with numerous diseases, including lung disease and poison filling the body.

Be that as it may, don't worry, it's easy to clean the lungs and free them from poisons.

Boldsky offers steps to detoxify its lungs:

  • Working out in the open air.
  • Discard instruments for cleaning which contain mixtures of substances.
  • Raw or cooked garlic, as it has abundant body fluid in the openings of the sinuses.
  • Reduce the use of meat, milk, and wheat to reduce the presence of body fluid.

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