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The best exercises to slim down in home with easily

The best exercises to slim down in home with easily 

Many of us try in all respects to lose and lose weight, whether through exercise, the gym, following a good diet, or exercising with a good diet in order to get rid of weight gain.

And you should avoid eating foods that contain high calories and you must exercise regularly because it works to reduce calories in the body and thus you will lose your extra weight and you will get a completely fit body.

The best exercises to slim down in home with easily

The best home exercises to slim down in home

Beginners can practice these exercises as these exercises can be practiced at home without the need for a gym, and these exercises provide muscle strength and stability as they focus on the large muscles of your body, and these exercises can be practiced in one exercise or divided as desired without the need for any tools.

Crunch exercises

You can easily do crunches at home.


  1. You should lie on the ground beside placing your duck leg on the chair or on the ground.
  2. You should place your hands behind your head and then move your right elbow in the same direction as the left knee.
  3. You should switch directions by moving your left elbow toward the right knee.
  4. The lower back area must be fixed.
  5. You must repeat this exercise 20 times.

Squat exercise

These exercises can be practiced anywhere and you do not need to go to a gym.


  1. You should stand up straight and then lower your hips down and back until the heels of the feet are slightly off the ground.
  2. You should move your arms back when jumping up.
  3. And after jumping, when you get to the ground, you should lower your body exactly as in a squat exercise.
  4. And you must repeat all these steps.


  1. You can do push-ups in many ways, and there are many ways to do this exercise.
  2. This exercise must be practiced correctly and completely, after repeating this exercise between 10-12 times without stopping or the body descending on the ground.
  3. You can choose more difficult exercises or perform non-steady push-ups.

Lunge exercises

Lunge exercises focus on the buttocks and the muscles in the thigh

Back Lunge Exercises
Repeat this exercise 10-12 steady times for each leg.

Forward Lunge Exercises
Repeat 10-12 times.

The plank exercise

The plank exercise helps in improving the strength of the back and abdominal muscles. These exercises are 15 seconds, and if you have strong muscles, the duration of the exercise is from 30-90 seconds.