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  Ways to build muscle easily

  Ways to build muscle easily


We can build muscles with ease but the most important thing is determination and determination besides running and exercise where they help the body to build muscles and get rid of fat and get rid of rapid fatigue and dissection of the body.

In addition to gym gyms is a key factor in building and forming muscles by continuing to play and determination and besides healthy eating rich vitamins can build muscles without supplements and there are dietary supplements such as (fish, nuts, proteins, yogurt, labneh, eggs, and oats).

It contributes greatly to muscle growth and we must eat three or two hours before exercise or gym so that we can complete the exercises without problems.

And you should avoid bad habits such as smoking, masturbating, taking steroids, and contraband.


  The main ways to stimulate muscle growth and pressure including:

  • Carry weights gradually 

Despite the common misconception that muscles swell only after weight lifting, the use of lighter weights will effectively build muscle.

During a 13-week test, Japanese scientists found that taking lightweight and lifting it slowly had the same effect on muscle size as heavy exercise.

Lifting heavy weights once results in technical failure, the point at which you are physically unable to perform other such exercises, so don't press yourself to quickly see the results.

  • Free weights, not fixtures

Free weight: 
Means Dumbbells and Bar exercise

For instance abdominal, leg, shoulder, etc.

In your bodybuilding training program, the basic exercises should include free weight exercises rather than devices.

The devices are useful but not for the whole muscle, for a part of the muscle.
This can be exercised with the machines at a free weight after the simple exercise.

  •  Techniques and training techniques

There are many methods and other methods that function in a fast time to strengthen the muscle and there is no choice between these methods, they all function well and hopefully on building the muscle, but if you rely on one method only that can lead to consistency in the size and strength of the muscle as a result of having the body used to the same muscle strain.

Therefore, I suggest a shift in each of the following approaches per short span of 4-6 weeks.

The significance of exercise factors for diversification (important)

The popular problem among bodybuilders is the consistency of body size at a certain limit after a certain time, so the muscle reaches a certain size and then their bodies remain constant at a certain limit, no matter how they exercise and continue to practice bodybuilding, and this is due to the body's adaptation to the same activity and the same factors.

Therefore, those factors need to be changed.

There's been an old experience that says you can add more weights in the coming times when your body is stable, but that will help you very hard because this alone isn't enough because there are many more factors that can be changed than weights.

To order to bring your body out of habit and under the influence of change you must continuously change your workout factors so you should change your schedule every 4-6 weeks.
  • Explaining factors for the exercise
For each muscle you can select a program appropriate for you from movements every 6 weeks, there are several exercises for each.

And so on, in the remaining exercises.


 In a chest muscle exercise, you can exercise
  •  Punch Watts (Bar)
  •  High assembly
  •  Lightening and light
  • Inverted Denabil
  •  Over
And the second time (next week)
  • High Bench (Bar)
  •  Assembly of the low
  •  Inverted Bar
  •  Over

And so on in the rest of the exercises.
  • Every 7 days, exercise one muscle
It's very important that people get lost in the minds of people and don't know how important it is when they don't do it, they only exercise every muscle in the body once a week, meaning once every 7 days.
Always the muscle in question is (chest, shoulder, back, leg, biceps, processor or abdomen)

But in this group, the only muscles that can be exercised twice a week are (biceps, triceps, abdomen, and eight) and this is because these muscles are made up of small parts of the muscles so that in a short time they can rebuild themselves from muscles that consist of large parts of the muscles like (shoulder, back, legs ...).

The period of large muscle rebuilding ranges from 3-5 days.

Yet small 1-2 day muscles.
When you demand that a muscle, like a shoulder muscle, be exercised twice in the same week, it can lose more weight than it increases and the end result is (slimming).

And if you want to build muscle in a short time and you don't mind, please do not apply twice a week to exercise muscle.
  • Seventh-Muscle tension
You should apply a more stressful load to produce muscle swelling than your body or muscles have adapted to in the past.

To get this done, raise heavy weights slowly, helping you make improvements in muscle chemistry, allowing growth factors that include activation of satellite cells.

Muscle tension substantially affects the connection between motor units and muscle cells.

  • Damage to muscles

When you experience discomfort during exercise, it reveals local muscle damage from exercise, resulting in damage to the muscle.

Local muscle damage causes inflammatory molecules and cells of the immune system to function to activate the muscles.

This does not mean that you will have to feel discomfort before it happens, but rather the exercise damage will be present in the muscle cells.
  •  Stress on metabolism
If you feel stressed in the gym as a result of a "pump" exercise, it is called metabolic stress, which causes the cells around the muscle to swell and therefore the muscles to bulge.

This form of growth is known as myocardial hypertrophy and is one of the ways people can get bigger muscles without increased energy.
  •  Intake of Proteins
For muscle strengthening purposes, consuming foods containing proteins such as meat, eggs, and butter is preferred, and should be eaten according to the following guidelines:

Consuming whole protein sources with each meal

Eat at intervals of about three hours daily

Eating protein at least 0.8 grams to 1 gram per pound of body weight

  •  Benefits of learning bodybuilding 
The most important advantages that a bodybuilder receives

· Make muscle building and make it stronger and clearer

  • body weight gain (muscles, not fat, of course) 
  •  Reducing fat in the body 
  •   reinforcing tendons and ligaments 
  •  Increase the bone strength 
  •  Improve public health and lifestyle 
 Psychological advantages too: 
  •  Gain confidence in yourself. 
  •  Everything and self-esteem.
The best results of the are for:

  • You need to set your goals in this sport first.
  • Secondly, a good program of exercise.
  • You should follow a proper diet in third place.
  • Fourth, not to neglect the rest and sufficient sleep.
  • Fifth determination to complete the exercises and patience
  • And a lot of athletes practice muscle strengthening as a complement to their sport to gain strength


Rest is very important for bodybuilders and is a recovery factor, particularly sleep.
And you should have time to adjust the muscles with the weights because this creates new muscle pressure.

Harm to muscle fiber swells with increased weights without the muscle responding to it.
And the injury happens so you should give yourself time to adjust to the new weight before you go to another weight.


Sleep is very important for bodybuilders because at that time the bulk of muscle growth happens
During the first 2-3 hours of sleep, the body spreads growth hormone and the reason for healthy muscle mass is good sleep.

Patience and Motivation:
Motivation is needed to support gym workouts
It is also necessary to complete the process with patience.

Patience and motivation are essential elements of bodybuilding.
Why: Because this is a hard sport and the training is very stressful
Aches and problems ... You'll leave as soon as possible without enough food, sleep, a high degree of involvement, and encouragement.

Patience is another key to success, and allow your body time to adjust to your workout intensity.
You 're not making a living and you're a hero.

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