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Permanent de-sweating

Permanent de-sweating

 Smell of sweat 

The smell of sweat is a bad smell that is spread among people, so many seek to get rid of this stench that causes embarrassment in the social life, in addition to having a negative impact on the psyche of the individual, which causes him anxiety and tension always, and the adolescence is one of the most frequent periods in which sweat is produced, due to hormonal changes that occur in the body. Here we will address the causes of bad sweat with the methods of treatment. 

 Causes of bad sweat 

Continuous exposure to sunlight, as many suffer from the problem of sweat and bad smell in the summer, due to high heat and humidity. 

Eat some foods that trigger the emission of bad smell, and lead to increased sweating in the body, the most important of which are: *chili, tatobyn, garlic and onions. 

The period of ovulation of women, where the rate of sweating increases, due to the stress and anxiety associated with this period. Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland. Cancer.

  • Infections affecting women. 
  • Fatigue and stress.
  • Drinking alcohol. 
  • Take some medications, such as aspirin. 
  • Soft drinks, coffee and tea lead to increased sweating in the body.
  •  Low blood sugar may lead to an increase in sweating
  • The stages of life that a person goes through, such as adolescence, and menopause.

Ways to get rid of the smell of sweat

  • Personal kindness of the person, by constantly changing clothes, and always bathing. 

  • Wear cotton clothing that absorbs the smell of sweat, while moving away from clothing that contains nylon material.

  • Stay away from dark colors in summer, and wear light-colored clothes, which reduce the proportion of sweat. Stay away from foods that cause bad smells, such as onions, foams, and spicy showers. 

  • Use body deodorants, with antibacterial sauns.

  • Always remove excess hair from all areas of the body, especially the armpit area. Soy reduces the smell of sweat.

  • A healthy diet helps reduce the body's sweating.

  • Eat vegetables and fruits. 

  • Drinking the mirami.

  • Avoid thick water that increases sweating. 

  • Stay away from ageing and overweight, as people who gain weight are more likely to be exposed than skinny people. 


 Natural recipes to get rid of the smell of sweat

  • Starch recipe with one teaspoon of soda.

  • Baby powder with soft likeness. 

  • Rose water with apple vinegar.

  • Lemon juice, as the acid in the lemon, reduces the rate of sweat in the body. 

  • The coconut mixture, this mixture prevents the smell of sweat, as well as it whitens areas in the body. 

  • Beeswax recipe with cocoa butter after cooling.

  • Basil paper, where we add paper to the bath water, adds a refreshing scent to the body.

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