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Sweat has an unpopular smell among people, and most of us want to eliminate this unpleasant smell because it causes embarrassment to us in our social life and it negatively affects the psyche of a person and this makes him always anxious and tense. The most frequent periods of sweat secretion are adolescence due to hormonal changes in the body We will learn together about the causes of sweat and ways to get rid of the smell of sweat.

Permanent DE-sweating

Permanent DE-sweating

What are the causes of a bad sweat?

  1.  When exposed to the sun's rays constantly, and due to the high degree of humidity and heat in the summer, most of us suffer from the problem of a lot of sweat and bad smell.
  2.  When you eat foods that stimulate the exit of bad smell, which leads to excessive sweating in the body, and these foods include garlic, hot peppers and onions.
  3.  The amount of sweating increases during the ovulation period in a woman, and this is due to the anxiety and tension associated with the ovulation period.
  4.  Stress and fatigue.
  5. Drinking alcohol
  6. Take aspirin.
  7.  When blood sugar is low, the amount of sweating increases.
  8.  Coffee, tea, and soft drinks increase the amount of sweating in the body.
  9.  The amount of sweating increases during adolescence and menopause.

     What are the ways to get rid of the smell of sweat?

    1. Shower frequently and change your clothes frequently.
    2. You should avoid wearing clothes that contain nylon and you must wear clothes made of cotton to absorb the smell of sweat.
    3. You should use deodorants in addition to saunas that eliminate bacteria.
    4. You must eat fruits and vegetables.
    5. You must follow a healthy diet to reduce the amount of sweating in the body.
    6.  You should avoid heavy water because it increases the amount of sweating.
    7.  You should stay away from overweight and aging, because overweight people are more likely to sweat than thin people.
    8.  You should shave off excess hair in the armpit area and all parts of the body.
    9.  You should wear light-colored clothes because it reduces the amount of sweating in the body, unlike dark colors in the summer. It increases the amount of sweating, especially the black color to absorb sunlight.

    What are Natural recipes to get rid of sweat smell?

    1.  Apple cider vinegar with rose water.
    2.  Cocoa butter and beeswax after cooling.
    3.  Basil leaves, as the leaves are added to the bath water and it adds a refreshing scent to the body.
    4.  Coconut mixture This mixture whitens certain areas of the body and prevents the odor of perspiration.