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Does weight affect the immune system?

 Does weight affect the immune system?

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What is the immune system?

 The immune system is a system for preventing diseases, as it can be used for all diseases and viruses that invade the body, as it is the first line of defense for the body’s organs, as it protects the body as it has many unlimited functions, so it must be strengthened and kept away from things that negatively affect it, such as weight.

 The weight, whether increased or decreased, negatively affects the immune system.

What is the effect of excess weight on the immune system?

  •  Let us find that excess weight means the presence of a large percentage of fat, which is not important, so it increases the percentage of harmful fat cells, as it weakens the immune system by producing a substance known as cytokines.

  •  This substance is considered the origin of hormones, but it has a negative effect, as the body works on cell inflammation, which may  The matter will progress to infection in the inflamed area if not treated, and then the immune system will weaken.

  •  The excess weight may be represented by people who have an excessive percentage of blood sugar, as those suffering from diabetes, this sugar increases the density of the blood, which impedes the movement of white blood cells, which is the main role in the immune system, so you will not play its role in killing viruses, thus weakening the immune system.

What is the effect of thinness on the immune system?

  •  Thinness means less weight than normal, and this negatively affects the immune system because this means that the body suffers from a lack of calories and important nutrients and has a small amount of energy. 
  • Therefore, the slightest effort makes it feel terror and fatigue, let alone the immune system, it cannot do its role at all.
  •   A person, with any effort or daily sport, consumes the energy available to him, so he does not have any energy for the immune system to enable him to confront and fight. 
  • Viruses attack severely and need an amount of energy that must be supplied to the immune system.

How to strengthen the immune system?

  1. Stay away from tension and nervous stress and learn to relax.
  2. Reducing mental thinking so that the brain responses are not dispersed.
  3.  Therefore, awareness of the importance of the immune system of the body and the remoteness of what affects it negatively, as we mentioned, must be aware of the ideal weight of the body, which helps us, so preserving the health of our body.
  4.  We can also strengthen the immune system by drinking clean water. To strengthen the immune system further, drink more water, so the body must get an adequate amount of water, as the blood and to make sure of this is when the urine is almost clear.

 Thus, we can maintain the body's first line of defense against any external invasion and prevent us from contracting diseases.