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  How to treat indigestion?

How to treat indigestion?

 What is indigestion?

 It is a name given when disturbances occur in the upper part of the stomach and lead to feelings of malaise, pain and a feeling of satiety even when eating a very light meal and this pathology results when acid in the stomach leaks into the esophagus or throat.


 It leads to a feeling of heartburn, throat irritation, discomfort and failure to perform the daily routine, as indigestion may lead to anxiety during the night and difficulty sleeping.

 Indigestion is a cause resulting from a malfunction that occurred in the stomach, whether kinetic, dynamic, pollution or other causes. The side effects are painful and dangerous, so we must expand our knowledge about it and how to deal with it.

 What are the Ways to get rid of indigestion?

  • One of the problems that bother us in indigestion is the reflux of chickpeas to the throat, so it is not preferable to lie on the back, so it is better to sleep on any of the sides or put a number of pillows under the head when lying on the back, this is one of the easiest ways that we can do to get rid of it
  • We may tend to use some medicines such as antacids, as these are the main treatment for indigestion.
  •  They are known medicines for the usual indigestion, there are many types of indigestion, depending on the condition of each person, so these antibiotics are suitable for primitive cases, but if the issue increases, a doctor must be consulted.
  •  The fourth way to get rid of indigestion, which is to avoid the causes that lead to indigestion, such as foods that cause indigestion, those that contain excess acidity, or that help acid reflux from the stomach.
  •  This method avoids the effects of bad digestion and the resulting pain.
  •  And let us find that the foods that cause this are those that contain high levels of fat, fat, sweets and caffeine. They must be avoided if you are one of those who mean indigestion or reduce them too much.
  •  Getting rid of indigestion is by consuming juices that reduce stomach activity, such as orange juice. It plays such a role as it prevents the stomach from leaking stomach acid.

Natural home method to get rid of indigestion without going to any drugs

  1.  Drink warm water without anything else, as warm water relieves pain and discomfort caused by acidity, as it prevents acid from leaking into the throat from the stomach.
  2. Tea is also a great way that can solve the problem of stuttering digestion, such as chamomile, as it works to calm stomach upset
  3.   Candied ginger, it also calms stomach upset, and this method is used a lot for children.

 Those home solutions and methods are items that we follow to avoid indigestion with its effects, causes, pain, etc., or how to get rid of it easily.

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