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Advantages and disadvantages of obesity surgery

 Advantages and disadvantages of obesity surgery 

Advantages and disadvantages of obesity surgery

 What is obesity surgery ?

 It is a process that is performed by banding the stomach or removing a small part of the stomach to reduce the size of the stomach and reduce weight, and the process of obesity surgery makes there a major change in digestion for easy weight loss and loss.


 This is some of the questions that may revolve in your mind and you will know the answer to it through your reading of the topic

  1. Are there any side effects that occur in the long run?
  2. Do people fear obesity surgery?  Whether it is beneficial or harmful?
  3. Can it help you live a long life?

 Benefits of obesity surgery 

  1.  Long-term weight loss.
  2. Obesity surgery reduces the incidence of vascular and heart diseases.
  3. Improve blood pressure and health.
  4. There are no side effects when the surgery is completed successfully.
  5. Reducing the possibility of suffering from cholesterol and diabetes.
  6. Obesity surgery reduces the mortality rate to 25% by closely monitoring the individuals who perform this operation closely.


Disadvantages of obesity surgery 

  1. Some complications may arise over time because obesity surgery for weight loss is not normal.
  2.  The frequent presence of gastrointestinal complications.
  3. Pneumonia and diarrhea.
  4. Surgical site infections and gastric dump syndrome are more common.
  5. These complications often occur in the absence of an experienced surgeon in the event that the health consequences of this surgery are not remembered before the operation.
  6. Lack of nutrition after obesity surgery due to poor absorption.
  7. Weight loss in a terrible and unwanted way, which makes blessing a curse for many patients.


 For individuals who are unable to lose their body through natural weight loss methods, obesity surgery is the only solution for them, and obesity surgery is not suitable for all individuals, as doctors consider it the last choice for people who suffer from excessive weight to give them new life opportunities.

 So far, there is no evidence that the obesity surgery process is extremely beneficial. Individuals who want to undergo obesity surgery must undergo a full body examination, and we must note that the obesity surgery process is not for luxury, but rather is the best and only solution when all natural methods of weight loss fail  .