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Effective home solutions for hair regrowth

Effective home solutions for hair regrowth

There are many problems that we face in our life, which may be related to the growth of age as a result of body changes and hormonal changes or the wrong use and traditional methods. Among these problems is a common problem that young people suffer from and it is the problem of hair loss which may develop and reach the stage of baldness, which symptoms appear earlier on men than women, but the end is a modern problem, and natural solutions must be found that have no side effects.
Effective home solutions for hair regrowth

There are other causes of hair loss Dry hair and its abortion resulting from hair neglect or exposure to chemicals, and to increase blood circulation, hair must be oiled with natural oils, such as

  1.  Coconut Oil
  2.  Argan oil
  3. Jojoba oil
  4.  Sweet almond oil.

The oil is placed on the hair by rubbing the hair and scalp with one of these oils to stimulate the blood cycle in the follicles and strengthen the roots of the hair, and the oil is placed on the hair with the tips of the fingers until it reaches the skin of the head and absorbs it to reach the follicles and reach the desired result. The hair must be preserved by oiling Two or three times a week.

What are the best magical natural solutions for hair growth?

Onion Extract

 This is known as onion juice
 It is known that the causes of hair loss are the growth of bacteria and fungi until they feed on the scalp and lead to contamination, causing baldness.

 Therefore, we use onion juice to kill these germs, as it stimulates the scalp and hair follicle growth because it contains sulfur, which is present in a high concentration that allows blood to flow to these follicles.
 And it is used in a very easy and home way.

 The mixture is prepared by:

  1.   Grind the onions
  2.   The juice resulting from grinding is extracted and used to rub the scalp gradually and continuously for a period of up to 30-35 minutes until it reaches all parts of the scalp with continuous rubbing.
  3.   Washing it with a detergent with harmless natural elements and does not contain chemicals.

  Neem leaves:

 These leaves are extracted from the famous Indian neem tree, and they are taken when those leaves fall in severe drought.

 It has many common, innumerable uses, but in this topic we will talk about its importance in the field of poetry and these leaves smell like garlic.

The importance of neem leaves

  1.  It works to prevent itchy head and get rid of white scales that cause hair loss.
  2.  It also works to reduce hormonal changes that are among the causes of hair loss.
  3.  These papers help in treating the problem of baldness greatly.

 The extract of these leaves is used by

  1. Heating these leaves and breaking them
  2. Using gum to rub the scalp continuously for up to an hour or a quarter. Then it is rinsed with warm water and repeated twice within seven days.

 Curry leaves

  1.  And which contain active substances that stimulate the scalp, which increases the blood circulation of the hair follicles and prevents their loss.
  2.  Curry leaves contain the substances needed by the scalp, such as vitamins, as it contains vitamin 6 B, which works to strengthen the hair strands and strengthen them from the roots.
  3.  It also contains Peroxden, which stabilizes hormones.
  4.  Many natural mixtures can be made with these leaves, and it can also be mixed with other oils, such as coconut oil.
  5.  One of the effective mixtures is that a dough is made with curry leaves so that it is soft and put on the hair and rubbing continuously for a period of half an hour.
  6.  The washing is done with cold water until rinsing completely and this process is done twice within seven days, which enables us to obtain a better result.
  7.  But the end must be made clear that most of the problems are caused by not following a healthy diet and eating vegetables and fruits.
  8.  Hair, like a person, needs entertainment, attention, nutrition and care.


Important note

A head covering can be used to protect the hair from falling because it protects the hair from direct exposure to weather factors such as the sun, air and others.

The hair mask is made using


  1. One banana and one egg.
  2. A teaspoon of aloe vera gel, and a teaspoon of olive oil.

These materials are used by mixing them well and putting them on the hair for a period of up to an hour or a quarter, then washing it with cold water.



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