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Easy exercises to straighten the arms

Easy exercises to strenghten the arms

Easy exercises to strengthen the arms

 If you want to have strong and firmer arms, there are more exercises that will help you in stretching your arm, and there are easy exercises that include successive movements and safe performance, which are three exercises in three minutes every day only.

 These exercises work to tighten the fats in the areas to be tightened and turn them into a lean muscle mass, and this helps to burn fat efficiently.

 And you should do these exercises if you have flabby or fat arms because these exercises work to strengthen your arms and give them a graceful appearance, and you will feel energetic, happy and self-confident after doing these exercises

 You should practice these three exercises one by one, and you can start with small and light weights so that you do not feel tired.

 Arm strengthening and stretching exercises

 Triceps muscle tension

  •  You take a weight in your hands and sit for some time, and this weight is above your head and you must take the correct position.
  •  And your eyes must be straight forward, and they must equal the weight, and make sure that your elbows are close to the body, and this exercise must be repeated 25 times.
  •  You can stand with feet apart or sit on a ball.
  •  And the stability ball will be more challenging position because you will maintain balance during this training and the goal of training is to stretch the arm.

 Triceps push-ups

  •  Go for the second exercise without taking much rest.
  •  You can do these exercises on the carpet, then bend your knees and make sure that your neck is on the ground.
  •  Then slowly lower the weights, then pull them to the ground and raise them again.
  •  This exercise must be repeated 25 times.

 The triceps kickbacks

  •  Your elbows should be placed next to your torso, then hold light weights in your hands.
  •  You must make sure that your arm is completely parallel to your body when you do this, then repeat your elbows 25 times, and this should be repeated when you bend your elbows and at 45 degrees, your elbows should be parallel to the ground.
  •  The duration of these exercises is only three minutes, and each exercise must be for a minute.
  •  And you should not forget to do stretching exercises before and after completing these exercises, and within a month or two, you will see the result.