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Vitamin D is called vitamin D sunlight, where we can get vitamin D by exposure to sunlight daily in a safe way because there are rays coming out of the sun and working to improve the formation of vitamin D, and this rays are called ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D is soluble in fats as vitamin E and A and it is difficult for us to obtain Vitamin D from food directly.

 Sunshine vitamin

Avoid high-cholesterol foods

 What are the sources of vitamin D?

 The milk

  1.  As one cup of fortified milk is full of vitamin D, milk is very beneficial for adults and children.
  2.  Dairy products that are made from milk, such as ice cream, cheese, etc., often do not contain vitamin D.
  3.  And ready-to-eat breakfast cereals may also be fortified.

The sun

The sun is a natural source of vitamin D where you can go out early in the morning or before sunset up to 15 minutes to get vitamin D in any way.

 What are the foods contain vitamin D?

  1.  Cod liver oil.
  2.  Mackerel fish
  3.  Salmon fish
  4.  Tuna fish
  5.  Sardine fish
  6.  eggs
  7.  Margarine
  8.  Beef and liver.
  9. soybean.

What is the importance of vitamin D?

  1.  Where vitamin D works to maintain normal blood levels of phosphorous and calcium.
  2.  Vitamin D has a role great in creating and maintaining strong bones.
  3.   Vitamin D improves the mineral content of the bone by making vitamin D with minerals, vitamins and other hormones.
  4.  Vitamin D helps regulate and improve cell growth and activity and also has a role in maintaining a healthy immune system.


 What are the diseases of vitamin D deficiency in the body?

  1. The softness of the bones in young people Rickets in young people.
  2.  Osteoporosis because it works to improve the strength of calcium absorption in your body.   

Who is most exposed to vitamin D deficiency?

  1. Elderly people who are over 65 years old.
  2. Dark skinned people, such as those who live in South Asia and Africa.
  3. Babies in the event of a lack of milk during breastfeeding.
  4. Women who breastfeed their children, as well as pregnant women.

 You should eat these foods that contain Vitamin D to get strong bones and better health. And the sun, as we mentioned.