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Many people suffer from thinness, which leads to health problems, and that thinness is sometimes more dangerous than obesity, and people who suffer from thinness must know the reasons and search for a solution to treat the problem, and they must follow a specific diet until they reach their normal weight and there are some The health risks of thinness.

Easy way to get fat

Easy way to get fat

Causes of thinness

It may result from disease, genetics, or other causes

  1. Hereditary factor
  2. Your body has lost the most important nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, iron and others, due to a very harsh diet, which causes excessive weight loss and thinness, and a completely unhealthy body lacks its activity and vitality.
  3. Because of the hard physical exertion, it leads to burning calories in your body and not compensating for these lost calories with healthy food for them.
  4. Infection with serious diseases such as diseases that destroy the immune system, such as syphilis and AIDS.
  5. You take some types of medicines such as medicines that stop the appetite and medicines that treat mental disorders.
  6. The individual suffers from anxiety, tension and psychological problems that make a person lose his appetite.
  7. Gastrointestinal diseases that cause malabsorption, thyroid problems, and diabetes.
  8. And some types of viral and parasitic infections, such as tuberculosis and intestinal worms.

What are the best ways to gain weight?

You must add many nutritional foods to your diet as they work to gain weight, such as:

  • The rice.
  • The milk.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Potatoes.
  • Starches.
  • Salmon fish.
  • Fatty fish.
  • Avocado.
  • Dried fruits.
  • The cheese.
  • Whole grains.
  • Eggs.
  • Healthy fats.


The most important recipes that contain nutritional foods for weight gain

Peanut and chickpea recipe

Ingredients :

  • Chickpeas
  • Sesame
  • Ring
  • Peanuts
  • Pollen
  • Cacao

How to prepare?

  1. All these ingredients must be mixed by an electric mixer, and the proportions should be equal and the resulting mixture should be filled in a glass container.
  2. You should bring a boiling cup of milk and add a small spoon of honey to it and put a tablespoon of the powder in the cup.
  3. The cup should be left for half an hour before drinking.
  4. This mixture should be drunk in the morning and evening twice every day.

Banana milk paste

Ingredients :

  1. 3 large bananas.
  2. 3 cups of milk.
  3. Two tablespoons of milk powder.
  4. Sugar spoon.
  5. 10 dates.
  6. 20 raisins.
  7. 3 tablespoons of honey.
How to prepare?
  • Mix all these ingredients with an electric mixer.
  • Daily you should drink two cups of this beverage.

What are the health risks of being thin?

  1. Osteoporosis.
  2. Arched back.
  3. Influence on normal growth and sexual abilities in men.
  4. The individual’s inability to make any effort and his inability to move.

Together, we will learn about the best diets that help people who suffer from thinness to gain weight and eliminate thinness.

Best tips for gaining weight 

  1. You should eat a breakfast full of calories daily, which contains important nutrients such as milk, honey, eggs, beans, cheese and yogurt.
  2. You should eat fruits and drink a cup of yogurt two hours after breakfast.
  3. The lunch meal must contain protein-filled food additives such as fish, red meat, and legumes such as lentils, and the food should contain more carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice and pasta.
  4. Drink a cup of yogurt and eat any kind of legumes two hours after lunch.
  5. You should eat boiled potatoes, tuna and salad during lunch.
  6. You must eat fruits regularly to obtain energy and healthy fluids for the body.
  7. You should have a lot of foods rich in calories.
  8. You should do aerobic exercises like bodybuilding.

Important note

You must consult a doctor and make sure that your body is completely free from diseases that cause weight loss, and you must also make sure of the integrity of the hormones and glands to obtain a suitable weight.