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Healthy nutrition for children

Healthy nutrition for children

The importance of proper nutrition for children

The stage of childhood is the stage of the beginning of children's growth, both physically and mentally, so it is necessary to follow the correct diet so that we can supplement all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the body. There are elements that exist so that food works to increase the percentage of intelligence, children and elements working on the growth of muscles and the elements responsible for bones and other elements.

 We find that some children suffer from the problem of delaying the growth of the teeth, as an example of the importance of proper nutrition for children, this example is a result of a lack of calcium in the body and calcium deficiency results from the child's lack of eating foods that contain this element, which is the element calcium.

 What is an element found in milk, eggs and other foods That helps the teeth to grow, we do not need to resort to doctors and the cost, but a healthy diet must be followed. This system lies in the meals that are available to the child. Each age stage requires certain types of meals according to the activity practiced by the child and on the basis of the activity requires the necessary calories for the body.

How to follow a healthy diet for children?

  1. The amount of food must be determined according to the activity that the child is practicing, and the children must be given excessive attention in the stage of growth, where in this stage their bodies and minds grow, 
  2. And in order to provide all the necessary elements as we mentioned earlier in the importance of the diet, the food must be diversified between calcium, iron, carbohydrates, etc. Providing all of these elements through healthy foods, not harmful fast snacks.
  3. Children may need high levels of calcium and iron more than adults, as they need them in building muscle and strengthening bones. We can also give them nutritional supplements in addition to food.
  4. Children must be encouraged to eat healthy foods and eat fruit constantly, especially fresh fruit, as it helps the child in building the body and also provides him with natural sugars instead of added sugars in fruit juices, as those added sugars are artificial sugars that are not beneficial to the body.
  5. The provision of seafood, in particular, the children's diet, as it contains omega that helps in strengthening vision and other benefits, and these foods provide the necessary protein in addition to other foods that contain a very low percentage of fat, such as eggs and milk, and there are also foods that contain proteins Like soybeans and peas.
  6. The provision of foods that contain a high percentage of iron, as iron works to develop muscles, blood production and obtain the required hemoglobin level that prevents the presence of anemia.
  7. We must take into account the healthy diet that no more than 30 percent of fat comes in the food for children so that it does not work to increase weight and reach obesity and the resulting health problems and inappropriate outlook.
  8. The child must have a different set of vegetables daily to obtain the necessary starches and carbohydrates and other elements, and some vegetables may contain iron, as in spinach. These vegetables can be presented in the form of green salad as they are necessary for the body to obtain the nutrients for the growth of the child's body and must be taken into account Choosing vegetables varies according to color, so we choose dark, orange, green and red foods.
  9. It is necessary for the child to eat nuts, as they help the child's growth as well.
  10. You should follow in the children's diet, choosing foods with fewer calories and eating foods that contain milk, how many products are yogurt, skim milk and cheese.
  11. We find that children who have reached school age have many options for food, and this is consistent with the effort they make during the study, and this child at this age needs to intensify the rate of feeding to compensate for the effort he is doing.


Important note

 If every mother follows this aforementioned system mentioned in this article, she will provide her child with all the necessary nutritional elements, and his body grows properly, and her child will thank her for that in advance.