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 Natural ways to eliminate acne

Natural ways to eliminate acne

 One of the questions that people most ask is how to treat acne?  As we all want to have wonderful skin and be free from acne and that helps us improve our self-confidence.

 In order to enjoy pure skin and free of acne, it is essential to manage stress effectively, to constantly clean, to monitor your diet, and to fast, as it is one of the healthy habits.

What is the cause of acne?

 Clogging of hair follicles with dead skin cells and skin oils generates acne.  It contributes to low self-esteem in adults and teens.

 And acne is a vital natural message to you.

 Here are the most important tips to get rid of acne

 Stress management

  1.  The body responds to stress by directing oxygen and blood that help fight stress.
  2.  The skin is dry during this process, so the pores are prone to clogging and eventually pimples.
  3.  By practicing sports, you can control stress because this leads to your body perspiring, and then the skin pores will be clean.
  4.  The rate of metabolism improves through good sleep and thus get rid of acne.


 When you fast, the body redirects the energy it was supposed to use in digesting food for other activities such as cleansing, healing and repairing the skin. This works for all skin types completely.

Monitor the diet

  1.  Where the development and performance of the organs of your body in general when the diet is balanced.
  2.  To ensure you get good skin, you need to monitor the amount of food you eat.
  3.  Where you should include fruits in your diet instead of ready-to-eat and fast foods like pizza, it may be a nightmare for your skin because it contains a lot of oil.
  4.  You can get acne-free skin by eating fruits because they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that aid in cleansing and healing and can maintain the body's pH.


  1.  Clogging of the skin pores when dead skin cells mix with body oil, thus being the source of bacteria and also leading to a skin outbreak.
  2.  By washing the face more than once every day and showering also every day, you can prevent the appearance of skin scars.