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Natural ways to treat salts

Do you suffer from swelling in your hands and feet that makes it difficult for you to walk normally?
Do you suffer from constant nausea, vomiting, and painful abdominal cramps? Are all of these symptoms accompanied by fatigue with the desire to drink water constantly and severe pain in the joints?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then all you feel from the mother is an increase in the proportion of salts due to the retention of fluids under the skin and the accumulation of salts. The disease of excess salts is considered one of the common diseases that afflict women because they are exposed for several reasons, including eating Kingdom foods frequently, which led to an increase in uric acid in Urine, or because the kidney has passed through with a few health problems that make it unable to excrete toxins and salts out of the body, and we will learn together the best and most important natural ways to treat salts.

Natural ways to treat salts

What are the best natural ways to treat salts?

Salt treatment by water

One of the main reasons for the accumulation and precipitation of salts is the lack of drinking water. Water is considered the first and effective natural remedy in eliminating the level of sodium and the high percentage of salts in your body, and where the water works to dissolve these salts that are deposited and work to reduce fluid retention under the skin and the water improves blood circulation in the body and the water works on the flow of blood and its flow to all members of your body, especially the kidneys. It works to get rid of excess salts through urine outside the body.

During the winter season, you should drink two liters of water per day at different periods of your day and during the summer season, you must drink three liters per day at different intervals, and you should avoid drinks that contain caffeine and soft drinks because these drinks increase the chances of the accumulation of salts. 

Treating salts with supplements

Where the problem of excess sodium and mineral salts inside the body can be treated by taking nutritional supplements and vitamins, and these nutritional supplements and vitamins should not be used except after consulting a doctor to avoid the risk in the event of any other disease. 

And nutritional supplements include capsules of potassium, magnesium, calcium and manganese, and these nutritional supplements soften the urinary tracts and by eating very important nutrients such as eating dairy products, vegetables and fruits, we can easily obtain these vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Salts treatment by walking

  1. Walking is one of the best treatments that is effective in eliminating excess salts and getting rid of water and fluid retention under the skin, which causes swelling and swelling.
  2. And walking has a big role in making blood circulation more active in the body.
  3. Walking causes us to get rid of excess sodium and mineral salts and expel them from the body through the descent of a large amount of sweat.
  4. Walking is very important in reducing the swelling that is found in the feet and hands.
  5. Salts and toxins can be excreted out of the body in the form of sweat, by practicing any sport other than walking.

Salts treatment with dill coriander and parsley

  1. Where vegetables and herbs such as coriander, parsley and dill help to flush out the excess salts out of the body and also treat fluid retention under the skin.
  2. Dill, parsley, and coriander are a very rich source of potassium, which helps in managing urine naturally.
  3. And it works to break up the stones in the college and works to completely improve their functions.
  4. To eliminate the swelling and swelling present in certain areas of the body, grind an equal handful of dill herbs, coriander and parsley, and you can add basil leaves and put these pans with a suitable amount of water in the electric mixer and beat them well and must be drunk twice a day and the minerals and toxins in the body will be excreted in the urine.

Treating salts with acidic drinks

Acidic drinks are considered one of the best wonderful solutions that work to treat and expel salts from the body by sweating or urine, and also works to improve urine management and achieve bloating and swelling and work to get rid of pain in the abdomen and cramps in the joints. Lemon is considered one of the most important and best acidic drinks that dissolve the salts that are deposited in the joints and feet due to the containment of lemon drink on natural properties.

It is also considered an orange drink that works to prevent proteins and salts from sedimentation, eliminate high sodium, and eliminate toxins and expel them from the body. Because orange drink is high in minerals and vitamins. And you must drink orange, lemon, strawberry, pomegranate or cherry at breakfast and after dinner once.

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