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Tips for managing weight gain during pregnancy

Tips for managing weight gain during pregnancy 

 The period of pregnancy is one of the most difficult periods for women as it is linked to certain rules and certain habits that they cannot skip, such as performing extreme sports, eating any food at any time, or following any of our favorite celebrities in any of the habits, even if the diet during pregnancy, every woman has a certain body nature that differs  For the other and for certain hormones and others. Therefore, the ideal person for this is the doctor who specializes in the condition of pregnancy for every woman.

Tips for managing weight gain during pregnancy

Reasons for weight gain during pregnancy

 But we find that during pregnancy, a major change in hormones occurs, which helps to accumulate fat more than normal. It increases the size of the portable child, so you need more food as the child needs it and other causes ...

 It is also necessary to follow a specific diet where weight gain occurs during that period, and this is a normal condition where a pregnant woman needs constant and healthy nutrition, as she feels a loss of satiety and craves food, so they consume a large amount of food.

 Why is weight gain during pregnancy a problem?

  1. But this extra extraction is not safe during pregnancy, as it leads to problems that we need not.  K preeclampsia, difficult childbirth, abortion, difficulty breathing during sleep, etc. .....
  2. It is necessary to seriously control and control the weight during pregnancy, and if we are not able, we can share this matter with the doctor of the case and pay close attention to what you are taking.
  3. It may affect the spine, which negatively affects the mother during childbirth and her child.

How to regulate weight during pregnancy?

  1.  But the most important thing is to control the matter, so it is a mistake to worry, stress and constantly think about the problem of weight gain, which constitutes additional pressure on pregnancy.
  2. We must avoid anything that affects the survival of the psychological or health in a bad way.
  3. We can follow up with the doctor for the case and know from him the appropriate food for this case and the calories required and make a special schedule for the meals and foods that the body needs and the healthy nutritional supplements that the body endures during pregnancy.
  4. The practice of certain types of sports during pregnancy, which the doctor also determines, as it has many benefits as long as it does not affect the health of the fetus, as it enables the pregnant woman to give birth easily and with the flexibility of the body.
  5. The doctor may guide us to such exercises so that you can lose weight.
  6. Determining the limits of weight that the body can gain during pregnancy.
  7. Also, eating food that contains calories must be regular, so it cannot be increased all at once.
  8. Eat moderately at fixed times.
  9. Drink plenty of water to reduce the feeling of hunger.
  10. But this does not mean dispensing with food completely, it is necessary, but it may be regulated and in certain periods subject to the doctor's instructions.


 Also, there are some tricks to get rid of filling the stomach with food is difficult, especially for pregnant women, as she suffers from aversion to pregnancy at several times and also suffers from morning sickness.  It also provides the elements that the body needs.