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Weight loss is very difficult and there are many factors that affect weight loss, not just exercise and diet, and we will learn together on the best simple effective methods that help us get rid of weight gain and lose fat with ease.

Top 5 ways to lose body fat

Top 5 ways to lose body fat

The best simple ways to lose weight and lose fat

Strength training

It is an exercise that works to increase the size and strength of your muscles and to develop your muscles over time, you must lift weights to improve your muscle strength, and strength training has great benefits as it works to lose weight, and this exercise helps you eliminate the fat around the abdomen.

This exercise helps you to eliminate visceral fat, which is one of the types of fats found around the body and by practicing resistance exercises with strength training, you can preserve the lean mass in your body and when your body is idle, you can burn a lot of calories in your body in this way.

Follow a protein-rich diet 

You can add foods that contain a lot of protein to your diet, and by following this system, you can reduce your chances of getting fat, according to some studies.

The importance of a protein-rich diet

  1. Lose weight, burn fat, and stop the appetite
  2. Maintain muscle mass
  3. Improving the metabolism process during fat loss
  4. When you eat a lot of protein, your appetite for food and drink decreases
  5. When you eat a lot of protein, the percentage of calories in the body decreases.

Therefore, you must add foods that contain a lot of protein to your diet so that the body can burn fat quickly, such as

  • Legumes
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Sea ​​food

You should add what we have mentioned to your diet to get rid of excess weight and also lose fat.

Healthy fats

When you eat healthy fats, they help you feel full and prevent the body from gaining fat, contrary to what some claim, and the stomach takes a long time to digest these fats and also works to reduce your appetite for food and drink and also reduce your hunger.


To prevent weight gain and loss of fat in your body, you must sleep and wake up early, as there is a relationship between sleep and weight loss, and you can control your weight if you slept for at least 7 hours, according to some studies, and that a little sleep increases your appetite for food and drink and thus the increase in your weight because it makes changes In your hunger hormones.