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how to remove the black from under eyes?

How to remove dark circles?
how to remove the black from under eyes?

 Dark or black circles under eyes are one of problems that face a lot of young men and women, even some children, as they are a result of many reasons which we will get to learn about with each other.
how to remove the black from under eyes?

Causes of dark circles and

how to remove the black from under eyes?

  1.  Staying up for several periods.
  2. Drinking caffeinated beverages, such as tea, coffee and Nescafe.
  3. Fatigue.
  4. Tiredness.
  5. Old age.

 This problem may develop into a tumor under the eye.

 In this case, you must consult a doctor.

 But there are very simple home solutions that can be performed to get rid of dark circles in a short time and inexpensive home solutions.

Simple and fast solutions and ways to remove the black from under eyes :

Mix the potatoes

Potatoes contain substances that help, so lightening is useful in relieving dark circles, so cotton is used and dipped in hot potato juice and applied around the eye and left since.  Night until morning, then wash the eye with lukewarm water and repeat this prescription for a period of seven days.

Option recipe

It is known that cucumbers are used to soothe the skin, especially the cold cucumber, as it contains antioxidants that reduce swelling around the eyes and any infections that lead to browning, so we use it as a coolant and astringent, so this is done by cutting the cold cucumber into soft slices and then putting it on.  Eye for ten minutes, then wash the eye with cold water.


It also contains antioxidants, which works to calm the skin from infections, as it is a good bleaching agent, so it reduces browning, so juice is made from tomatoes and mix it with lemon juice and chickpea flour and knead this mixture well until it becomes smooth and put the paste under the eye for a quarter of an hour, then wash with cold water.

 Another methods may answer the question how to remove the black from undr eyes, is to place the frozen tomatoes inside a napkin and moving gently under the eye, and we also get a good lightening.

Green tea bags

The tea bags contain substances that help shrink the eyes, as they work to restore the freshness of the place on which they are placed, which reduces the black effects, and the caffeine substance that is found in tea reduces fluid accumulation, so the tissues work on the flushing of the area and this is done by placing the tea bags that have been used previously  In the refrigerator for up to ten minutes, then put it on the eye for an hour later, then wash the eye with cold water and repeat this process several times a day in the same way.

Cold milk

This mixture has a positive effect, with most cases, milk contains vitamins that work to lighten the skin, and it also works to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. All these benefits can be exploited by dipping two pieces of cotton in cold milk and placing it on the eyes for a quarter of an hour and then rinsing  With cold water and repeat several times during seven days.

The mint leaves recipe

Peppermint contains soothing and refreshing volatile substances as well as it contains menthol, which also works to define the skin and shrink the blood vessels around the eyes, and mint also contains phytanine C, which makes the skin brighter and these vitamins are used by placing a mint mask on the affected eye  Leave it for ten minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

The recipe for turmeric leaves

Turmeric is a good substance to rejuvenate stressed skin, so it is a good prescription for removing dark circles. This is done by mixing mint on turmeric, mixing it and putting it on the eye for an hour after it dries, then washing with cold water.

 Despite all these methods to remove the black from under eyes, we cannot forget Aloe vera, as it contains a very important substances, which moisturizes the skin from infections, so we use the pulp of Aloe vera under the eyes for a quarter of an hour.
 Those are the recipes to get rid of dark circles and how to dark circles from under eyes and we will try write more about every method with practice.